Power of Positive Confession in a Cigna Commercial

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Power of Positive Confession in a Cigna Commercial

power of positive confession

On June 3rd, I was watching TV and a Cigna Health insurance commercial came on. It depicted a little girl repeating over and over something very powerful from the time she was in the waiting room up unto the time she was finally on the examination table in direct contact with the doctor. I thought to myself this is what Christians should to be doing, instead of professing sickness, make positive confessions about our physical state of being. The little girl professed ‘I’m not sick’ out of her mouth in the waiting room up until the moment she was examined by the doctor and when he  finishes with her guess what he said. Watch the video.

I’m not sick equals to you’re perfectly healthy. This commercial really spoke volumes to the Christian community. If you put yourself in the little girl’s position and put God in the doctor’s position, know that this is what God is telling his people through the works of the Cross. “You’re not sick, you are perfectly healthy,” God is saying. By Jesus’ stripes ye were healed. ‘Were’ means you are perfectly healthy and nothing is wrong with you. The Bible says in Mark 2:17, ” They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: They that are sick have not yielded their lives to God and therefore don’t reap the wealth of benefits of the cross which includes healing (good health) and power. If anything comes upon us as Christians we have power over it and need to exercise that power. There is power in positive confession of the word of God concerning your situation. Speaking sickness is speaking death. When we go to the doctor and he/she prescribes medicine which is toxic, then there is more death added on. Look at the drug commercials and listen to the side effects of some of these medicines on the market. Ridiculous!

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” We have to be extremely careful of what we speak. Proverbs 23:7 says, So as a man think in his heart so is he. If you confess you got heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, etc. then that’s what you are. You have labeled yourself as such when God already said you are perfectly healthy. I have caught myself speaking negative several times and continually monitor what comes out of my mouth because I know the power of words. There were times when I would wake up feeling terrible. I would catch myself when I want to say I don’t feel good today, instead I would say I feel great! Or, my blood pressure is normal therefore hypertension has no place in my life according to such and such scripture. Yes, back up your confession with a scripture. Look at the power in the words the little girl spoke. Even the world grabs a hold of the principles of God and apply them and get results.

We as children of God don’t have to put up with sickness. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. So, if its not going on in heaven…Hello. Instead of fighting back and professing who we are and what we have in Christ for instance, “I’m an heir to the throne and sickness cannot make my body its home,  I  am healed, delivered and set free,” we end up entertaining sickness. We open the door to sickness by not fully yielding our selves to God or by not giving our bodies the proper fuel it needs to be healthy. Some people have strayed away from God’s original intent for mankind — the Genesis 1:29 diet and now they have all these health problems. God made the herbs yet there are Christians who cast the practice of administering herbs to the ground. One thing I would like to point out is how before the flood, man lived to be 900 years old and after the flood when God gave them permission to eat meat, lifespan dropped dramatically to 110 years.

Cigna Healthcare has this slogan: We don’t just want you to feel better. We want you to stay that way. We first, need to examine our relationship with God. Find out from Him why is this sickness on me and how he wants you to handle it. We need to be proactive with our health. We live in a toxic world and we have to maintain the temple even harder. Watch what we put in our bodies. Be better stewards of our bodies. Exercise. Eat Right.  Heed the power of words and speak positive over our bodies. Positive confessing will cause the body to align itself up with your thoughts. Here are a few examples of positive confessions for healing.

  1. Every cell in my body is healthy and radiates health.
  2. My immune system is very strong and can deal with any kind of bacteria, germs and viruses.
  3. Every organ in my body is healthy and functions as the Creator intended it to function.
  4. I am pain free in every respect and my body is full of energy.
  5. Throughout the day I am full of energy.
  6. Perfect health is my divine inheritance and I claim it now.
  7. Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier.
  8. I get good sleep every night and I get up fresh every morning.
  9. Every day my eyesight is better I have 20/20 vision.
  10. I eat healthy, exercise and I stay healthy

Please feel free to share some positive confessions, or affirmations in the comments area.

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