America is In Trouble with God

Visions of God's Coming Judgments

I was sitting in church two Sundays ago and a guest speaker heralded something that sparked my attention. As he stood in the pulpit during the opening of his message he said, “america is in trouble with God.” When he said that, I immediately had flashbacks of a poem I’d written at the time I was working on Visions of God’s Coming Judgments book in the late 1990’s. A lot of what I’d written back then to my surprise in this twenty-first century era has finally caught up with time. I will share this poem with you below:



The world won’t be here much longer
Just look around you and see
The wrath of God is about to be poured out upon the seas
Blood and bloody waters and bloody lands
For your eyes to behold
Just like in the Book of Revelation
As we are told
They are doing all kinds of abominable things in My sight
They have become open with their sins
No longer do they hide
They have forgotten their Creator
The laws and commandments I’ve laid down
Ignoring the fact that God is serious
He is not playing around
They have forgotten I created the world
And formed man in My image
Just as quickly as I put them here
I have the power to quickly diminish
Sin, sin is tearing this country apart
They must repent from the bottom of their heart
They have provoked God to anger long enough
No need to pray for mercy, for their time is simply up
You must be protected with seal of God
Or you won’t be able to escape the things that John saw
Many things, many things are about to
come upon this earth
If you have the seal of God, you don’t have to worry.
The Bible says in those days shall men seek death
And it shall not find them
And they shall desire to die and death shall flee from them
Oh, blessed are they who have obeyed the commandments of God
For only they will be able to escape what John in Revelation saw.

© Kimberly Jackson

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