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The Hole that Made Us WHOLE

On the eve of Resurrection Sunday 2020, I saw a vision of a hand. The more I focused on it, I could see a hole in the middle of the hand. I only know one person who suffered a wound as such, and His name is Jesus. But he was wounded (tormented) for our transgressions,…
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The Best Daddy Ever (Father’s Day Poem) to God

This poem was written in honor of my heavenly Father, God who loves all of His children. Although my earthly father transitioned four years ago, I am thankful to my heavenly Father, God for receiving him into the Kingdom of heaven. I have peace in knowing this. Thank you God for everything!   This poem…
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Visions of God's Coming Judgments

America is In Trouble with God

I was sitting in church two Sundays ago and a guest speaker heralded something that sparked my attention. As he stood in the pulpit during the opening of his message he said, “america is in trouble with God.” When he said that, I immediately had flashbacks of a poem I’d written at the time I…
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power of positive confession

Power of Positive Confession in a Cigna Commercial

On June 3rd, I was watching TV and a Cigna Health insurance commercial came on. It depicted a little girl repeating over and over something very powerful from the time she was in the waiting room up unto the time she was finally on the examination table in direct contact with the doctor. I thought…
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Author Interview with Kimberly Jackson at Pretty

Kimberly Jackson Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. Hi, My name is Kimberly Jackson and I am an author of several nonfiction books in the area of Christian living, prophecy, poetry, Bible studies and Christian education. Shortly after renewing my vows unto the Lord, the miracle of a hidden talent…
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