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spiritual meaning of numbers in the BibleDoes God deal with you in numbers?
Do you endeavor to understand the mysteries of God in the use of numbers?


This eBook is a compilation of numbers from one up to the thousands. It serves as a study guide designed to take the reader on an exploratory journey into the world of numbers, examining their spiritual significance and scriptural passages in which they appear. As the reader explore the work of God in the use of numbers, they will also encounter the awesomeness of God to reveal to the writer in dreams and visions number usage to form a message through the system of doubling, tripling, and quadrupling. So, join us on this extraordinary journey into biblical numbers. It’s quite and enlightening, educational adventure!

Number meanings from 1-5


1: unity, first, oneness, beginning

2: Union, division, agreement, truth, witness, separation, confirmation

3: divinity, completeness, perfection

4: world, creation, earth, creative work, universality

5: grace, God’s goodness, divine favor, anointing, completeness


WANT TO EXPLORE MORE? Let’s take a journey inside the book. But, first let’s take a look at the rave reviews surrounding this book!


What an insightful look into biblical numbers. It is a useful reference guide when trying to seek out what the Bible has to say about numbers. I would recommend this book to anyone who endeavor to understand the meaning of numbers. –D. James, Biblical Counselor

This book was very helpful in that it caused me to focus more on the way God communicates through numbers. It is a great “eye opener.” I look forward to reading other books by the author. –J. Fahie


A Journey into Biblical Numbers is a much need tool for biblical scholars as well as for those who just want to define, study and understand numbers as they relate to the Bible. The author is comprehensive and precise in defining and giving biblical references and usage of each number found in the Bible. –Dr. M. B. Washington, Professor, Counselor

This book will take you on  a journey through “time and numbers.” You will see why God specifically used numbers for symbolic purposes. I truly enjoyed this journey. Thank you Kimberly Jackson for taking the reader with you, as well as all the prophecies given you.



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This informative book is an awesome study guide, great for Teachers, Bible Scholars, Ministers and Laymen.

You will learn:

  • The spiritual meaning of numbers

  • Scriptural references where they are found

  • Numbers summary list

  • Dreams and visions concerning certain numbers